What to Expect When Remodeling Your Northern Tennessee Home

What to Expect When Remodeling Your Northern Tennessee Home

A northern Tennessee home remodel is an exciting event. When it is complete, then you'll have a home that better meets your needs. While many homeowners can envision what the end product will be, they really don't know what to expect beyond that.

5 Expectations You Should Expect During Your Remodeling Job

Knowing what to expect can give you a framework for your home remodel. You'll be able to plan more easily because when these things happen, you will already be expecting them.

1. Expect Project Delays

expect project delays

Even though your home remodel plan should include a project timeline for transparency, expect that delays will occur. A high-quality contractor will be able to provide you with a time frame for how long the project will take when it can start and the steps you can expect during each stage.

Being armed with this information helps you plan more easily, but you should still expect delays. Perhaps one of the materials needed in your remodel is backordered. Maybe additional damage, such as rotten floorboards or mold, that must be addressed before the project can move forward was discovered. It could also be something like the contractor has gotten sick or one of their employees is no longer working for them.

Regardless of what prompted the delays, expect the contractor to keep you informed about what is going on. This includes an estimation of the new deadline if possible.

2. Your daily routine will be disrupted

It can be pretty easy for you to envision the finished project. Not only will you have plenty of pictures to help you with your visualization, but you'll be eager to finally be one step closer to having the home of your dreams.

What you might not realize, though, is that your daily routine will be seriously disrupted. While you might be used to getting ready for work in a particular bathroom, for example, the presence of workers, extension cords, and other equipment could mean that you'll need to make adjustments. Doing so means that you'll be able to stay out of their way so they can do their jobs more efficiently.

3. Expect a messy home

messy remodeled kitchen with new cabinets

Another expectation that often takes homeowners by surprise when they are having their northern Tennessee home remodeled is the sheer mess associated with the process. Just to be clear: this doesn't mean that the contractor will be messy and leave trash, equipment, and other debris around at the end of the job.

However, it does mean that dust, materials, and equipment will be your constant companions during the remodeling process. A kitchen remodel, for example, will mean that your new cabinets, flooring, appliances, and other equipment are staged in the room or very close by to make it easier for the workers to get what they need.

Expect a certain level of dust, noise, and foot traffic while your home is being remodeled and you won't be as stressed when it does occur. However, most contractors know that a home remodeling project is disruptive to the homeowner so they will do what they can to minimize these.

4. Expect Changes

Even the best-laid plans sometimes have to be changed. You might be surprised to learn that these changes can also come after you have signed a contract with a home remodeler.

If you have your heart set on a specific type or pattern of flooring or tile and it is out of stock, then you have a decision to make. You can either wait until that material is back in stock and able to be delivered to your home or you can look for another material so the project can continue moving forward.

Just remember that an ethical and high-quality contractor will discuss all these changes with you and get your express consent before implementing them. These changes -- and your agreement to them -- should be recorded and noted in the contract.

5. It won't be perfect

kitchen remodel with black backsplash in northern tennessee

Keep in mind that the pictures you see of the kitchen cabinets, specific bedroom suites, and other finished products are designed to look perfect. Even if you use the exact same materials and products that are shown in the pictures, the end result might still look different.

There are many reasons for this. The picture itself might be slightly manipulated to remove any shadows or other imperfections, for example. The lighting in the picture could be completely different than what is available in your own home and this could affect the way the finished project looks.

While a home remodel can bring with it some unexpected changes, the end result will make it all worthwhile. Your home will be more beautiful and function better once it is complete.

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