9 Ways to Make your Home a Cottagecore Dream

What do stone fireplaces, earth tones, and textured wallpaper all have in common? They all scream the 70’s - and they are all coming back


The day has set on white walled kitchens with white marble countertops, rich deep green cabinets and butcher blocks our rising as tomorrow. Home trends come around every decade, and with the steady decline of 2010’s minimalists homes and HGTV’s farmhouse décor, a new trend is raising its head - the modern 70’s - cottagecore. 

But what even is cottagecore and where did it come from? Cottagecore is greatly defined by its call to nostalgia for previous decades, simpler times. Colors are deep and rich, with a strong emphasis on secondhand - or seemingly secondhand - furniture (but with all of the modern conveniences.) Here are a couple ways you can easily add cottagecore touches to your home.


1: Consider Painting


2 person wearing blue denim jeans

"Normal" colors like beige and gray are the killer of any cottagecore home. Painting your walls a warm, earthy color will quickly and dramatically shift the feeling of any room. Colors like Canyon Dusk by Behr and Snap Green by Farrow and Ball are perfect fit for the color palette of cottagecore home. 



2: Buy a Plant for Every Room

green leaves on white background

Plants are spotted and speckled throughout every room from the living room to even small bathrooms. They enrich the feel of the home and greatly improve air quality as well. With the Cottagecore movement, names like Pothos and ZZ Plant have become household names, and staples in most of them. 



3: Stop Into Your Local Thrift Shop



assorted-color clothes hanged inside department store with lights turned on

Cottagecore has heavy ties with 18th and 19th century antiques, and one of a kind pieces are heavily coveted. Finding secondhand treasures is a budget friendly way to accent what you already have in your home, but still invoke the old timey trend. Plus you get to stimulate a local business.



                                                              4. Exposed Wood and Stone


kitchen island near gas range beside base cabinets

The 2010’s were all about painting any wood and brick focal points of your home, but this new trend calls for you to strip them back down. Just like a cottage in the countryside, wood beams and stone or brick fireplaces add to the feeling of comfort and hominess. You can easily uncover any beautifully preserved spots with a little bit of CitriStrip and a paint scraper.


                                                        5. Start Crafting Instead of Buying


white yarn on brown wooden table

The rise of Cottagecore started during quarantine and has only gained more flame as time has passed. One of the many intriguing points for people with more time on their hands than ever before, is the ability to craft many staple items seen in a cottage-like home. A solid place to begin your journey with crafting is with any needlework project, - i.e knitting, needle point, and sewing.


                                                                    6. Add a Fireplace 


Very few things are more relaxing than a burning fireplace. The soft crackling of wood and steady warmth instantly adds a level of comfort to a home. You could always find a stream online of a fireplace video, but nothing beats the real thing. Adding a fireplace to a home is more possible and less expensive than most people realize.  


                                                           7. Indoor or Outdoor Garden 


A garden can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.  Simple indoor herb garden can add to the self-sufficient style of a cottagecore home, or a larger outside vegetable or flower garden can elevate your cottagecore aesthetic to beyond the confines of your walls.


                                                                8. Use Interesting Fabrics


green leafed plant

Fabric plays an important role in the cottage aesthetic. The two most commonly utilized fabrics in the style are light, gossamer like fabrics such as lace - and heavy thick fabrics like a knit or wool. Whatever fabrics you decide to choose, natural fibers will always perform better than a nylon or polyester.


                                                9. Flowers and Mushrooms Décor Galore


While plants in general are a staple to a cottagecore home, flowers and mushrooms are design choices that tie everything together. Using wall hangings, flatware, and other décor items can enhance your living space and is an easy way to change up your aesthetic without spending much money.