How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Knoxville, TN

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Knoxville, TN_

Bathrooms need to be remodeled approximately 15 to 20 years. This kind of remodeling is important because of the way that fixtures age, how quickly bathrooms can become dated, and because new technologies can improve the way we use resources and control comfort.

If you haven't remodeled your bathroom in Knoxville TN in the last 20 years, the time has come! Before getting started, it's important to set a budget and determine costs. Knowing how much you can expect to spend on remodeling contractors in Knoxville TN can help you decide how to move forward. Here's what you need to know about bathroom remodeling costs.

Average Cost of Bathroom Remodeling Knoxville TN

The cost of your bathroom remodel depends on many factors, including how many changes will you be making? How invasive are those changes? And, what kind of materials will you be using?

Bathroom remodels usually fit into one of two categories: mid-range and upscale. Mid-range bathroom remodels are modest and focus on functional but often surface-level changes that can improve the bathroom's functionality and beauty. Mid-range bathroom remodels also improve your overall experience in the room.

Major or upscale changes either focus on expanding the functionality of the room (for example, moving the fixtures to make the room easier to navigate), or improving luxury and comfort through installation of upscale features.

Mid-range Bathroom Remodel Costs Knoxville TN

black and white tiled bathroom

A solid mid-range bathroom remodel can transform a dated bathroom. With a new bathtub, new ceramic tile surround, new toilet, new flooring, vanity, solid-surface countertop, new paint on the walls and new sink, you won't recognize your bathroom after an effective remodel. The fixtures will all be in the same places, but otherwise, the bathroom will look new.

You can expect to spend around $18,600 for a mid-range remodel, depending on the types of changes you choose and the cost of the materials.

Upscale Bathroom Remodel Costs Knoxville TN

white and gold luxury bathroom

An upscale bathroom remodel covers much of the same ground listed in a mid-range bathroom remodel, but with some important differences. Upscale bathroom remodels focus on delivering luxury as well as functionality. Some of the types of changes you can expect to be made in a major or upscale remodel:

  • Expand bathroom size for additional floor space and extra features
  • Electric in-floor heating
  • Replace alcove tub with freestanding tub
  • Install separate curbless shower with glass enclosure
  • Replace vanity with custom vanity and engineered stone countertops
  • New double sink, with new his and hers vanities
  • New custom lighting
  • Replace bathroom tile with recycled or unique bathroom tile options
  • New stone flooring

Want your bathroom to be more spa-like? Are you transforming your bathroom into the perfect in-home retreat? The average cost of such a remodel in Knoxville is approximately $59,800.

Cost of a Bathroom Addition in Knoxville TN

One-bathroom homes used to be far more common than they are today. Most homeowners and buyers now expect their home to have at least 1.5 bathrooms, for households of 4 people or more. If your home is a one-bathroom house, its value may be significantly less than a comparable home with two or more bathrooms. Installing a new bathroom can improve your home's value while also making life at home more convenient.

The cost of a bathroom addition can seem high, but if you consider how much more money your home is worth after turning your one-bathroom home into a two-bathroom home, many homeowners find the cost worthwhile.

Like the mid-range and upscale bathroom remodels, bathroom additions are generally divided into these two categories. For a mid-range bathroom installation, you'll be able to get a full bathroom with mid-range fixtures, including porcelain tub, stock vanity with solid-surface countertop, white toilet, ceramic walls and floor, mirrored medicine cabinet. The cost is about $42,600.

Upscale bathroom remodels are closer to around $79,900. For this type of remodel, you can expect:

  • Freestanding soaker tub
  • Separate shower with recessed shower caddy and frameless glass enclosure
  • Semi-custom or custom vanity with engineered stone counters, his and her sinks
  • His and hers mirrored medicine cabinets with custom lighting
  • Electric in-floor heating
  • Advanced lighting options with high-end lighting fixtures
  • Humidistat controlled exhaust fan

luxurious white bathroom remodel

On a Budget? How to Control Knoxville Bathroom Remodeling Costs

So, maybe you're on a budget but it's time to install a new bathroom. Cutting costs on the wrong things could lead to problems down the road. Don't hire the cheapest contractor, for example. Low-cost contractors who underbid the competition might be cutting corners in ways that reduce the overall value of your bathroom. Some contractors keep costs low by hiring unskilled labor or by using cheap materials. Contractors with less experience may be underbidding to get experience, but may find out later that their bid was not realistic.

It's best to hire a contractor with experience. Be upfront with your contractor about your budget. A skilled pro can help you accomplish your goals while working within your budget, or can tell you if your budget is unrealistic for what you're hoping to accomplish.

You can reduce costs by buying mid-range materials (solid surface counters versus natural or engineered stone) and by shopping around for the best prices before your remodel is scheduled to begin. Shop around for financing, and of course, vet many contractors before choosing the right professional to do your job.

Other ways to save include:

  • Make a list of priorities, including must-haves versus nice-to-haves
  • Plan in advance to avoid making changes midway through the job
  • Pay for as much up front as you can to avoid financing charges and fees later on
  • Focus on making changes that will deliver high ROI, so you can recoup costs when you sell your home

Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom? Contact a Skilled Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Knoxville TN

Remodeling your bathroom can make life in your house more pleasant and better overall. To find out more about how you can improve your home's value with a bathroom remodel or addition, contact remodeling contractors Knoxville TN. Wood Construction and Remodeling is proud to be the premiere builder and remodeler for the region. Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your upcoming home improvement project.


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