How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Asheville, NC? [2021]

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Asheville, NC_Bathrooms may not be considered the most exciting rooms in your house, but they play a large part of everyday life. Every household members spends time in the bathroom each day to shower, get ready for the day, prepare for bedtime, or even just relax.

It’s important to take these various uses into consideration as you’re gathering ideas and putting together a plan for your bathroom renovation in western North Carolina or Eastern Tennessee. Another part of the planning and preparation process is establishing your budget, generating cost-savings ideas, and determining where you can splurge.

What is the Cost to Remodel Your Asheville Bathroom?

The cost to renovate or expand your bathroom in the Asheville, NC, area depends on the size of the room, who primarily uses it, and what components you want to upgrade. For example, remodeling a basic half-bath or powder room utilized by everyone in the family will look different than giving a high-end makeover to your master bathroom. The type and quality of materials and features you choose will also have a major influence on your overall Asheville bathroom remodel cost.

Until you’ve hired a general contractor, created a design plan for your bathroom renovation, and made your selections, you won’t be able to create a detailed budget of your project costs. However, you can get a general idea based on the anticipated scope of your remodel and the price for similar projects in the area:

Midrange Bathroom Remodel

Midrange Bathroom Remodel Cost in Asheville, NC Wood Construction and Remodeling

The average cost for a midrange bathroom remodel in North Carolina—including Asheville, Winston-Salem, and Greensboro—is approximately $20,000, slightly below the national average, according to Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report. The estimated resale value for that level of project is roughly $13,000, or about 66%.

This level of project takes a traditional 5-by-7-foot bathroom and replaces all the fixtures for new midrange-quality models, such as a porcelain-on-steel tub with a ceramic tile surround, a standard white toilet, and a solid-surface vanity counter with an integrated sink. Other components you can upgrade for that cost include a recessed medicine cabinet, your wall treatment, and the flooring.

Bathroom Remodel with Universal Design

Universal Design Bathroom Remodel Cost in Asheville, NC Wood Construction and Remodeling

For a bathroom with a universal design—which essentially means the space can be easily used by various members of the household, including children and older adults—is about $32,500. You can expect to recoup an estimated 61% of remodeling costs in resale value for this home improvement.

For the purpose of equitable use, remodeling your universal bathroom may include changing the layout to make it wheelchair-accessible and installing flat-panel electrical switches at sitting level—or about 3 to 3.5 feet above the floor. This type of project also typically involves replacing the toilet with a comfort-height fixture that features an elongated bowl and removing the existing bathtub to install a tiled walk-in shower. Other features to add to your shower if you want to make it more optimal for older adults are an adjustable showerhead, fold-out seat, and a bi-directional glass door.

Finally, at this price point, you can install a luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floor with electric heating, ceramic tiles on the walls, a variety of general lighting, and an adaptive living vanity with an adjustable mirror and easy-grasp handles.

It’s a good idea to consider renovating a bathroom to incorporate a universal design if you have older family members who visit frequently or could potentially move in with you, or even if you plan to age in place.

Upscale Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel Cost in Upscale Asheville, NC Wood Construction and Remodeling

Another option is to redo your bathroom with high-end features and fixtures and potentially restructure the layout to make it more functional and appealing. The cost for this level of bathroom remodel in the Asheville area is approximately $63,000, with an estimated ROI of about 58%. For that price, you can expand a standard 35-square-foot master bathroom to incorporate another 100 square feet of space within the existing footprint of your house; separate and enclose the commode area; and relocate your fixtures, all of which may require moving walls and doing extra plumbing, electrical and HVAC work. Other common aspects of an upscale bathroom remodel include installing a lavish walk-in shower with ceramic tile walls, a frameless glass enclosure, and body-spray fixtures. If you or your partner also enjoy taking baths, consider adding a large freestanding soaker with high-end faucets. There are numerous different luxurious bathtub styles and materials, from cast iron and stainless steel to stone resin and fiber glass, to match your unique bathroom aesthetic.

An upscale bathroom remodel also generally includes installing a double vanity with a stone countertop, two lighted and mirrored medicine cabinets, and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan. To top it off, you can refloor your bathroom using custom or imported tiles or other high-end materials and give the space an all-new color palette.

Home Bathroom Addition

Addition Bathroom Remodel Cost in Asheville, NC Wood Construction and Remodeling

For other homeowners in west North Carolina, a bathroom addition is needed more than remodeling an existing space. The cost for this type of project ranges from about $45,000 for a midrange 6-by-8-foot bathroom addition to roughly $84,000 for an upscale master bathroom addition.

The average return on investment (ROI) for a bathroom addition is lower than that of a remodel—or about 53% to 55%—but it can significantly change the functionality of your house and how well it fits your family’s evolving lifestyle, preferences, and daily routines. Families periodically grow or shrink as babies are born, older children move out of the house, or you have an aging parent come to live with you. Rather than having to move to a new home to accommodate these changes, home improvements like a bathroom addition enable you to remain in the place you love.

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Asheville, NC

Another important part of remodeling your bathroom in a cost-effective way is choosing the right home renovation team. At Wood Construction and Remodeling, our goal is not convincing you to design your project in any certain way, but rather listening to your needs and preferences and helping you understand what options are available for you to achieve your vision and create a bathroom space that is well-suited for the next stage of your life.

Whether you're planning to embark on a full master bathroom addition, or looking to transform a powder room, it's important to understand how your investment range may effect your remodel. Download our free Bathroom Remodeling Cost Guide.

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