7 Bathroom Ideas for your Greensboro, NC Home

Bathroom ideas Greensboro, NC home_Wood Construction and Remodeling

A bathroom should be the perfect rest and refreshment. The ideal design has room for everything you need, and makes it easy to relax at the beginning or end of your day. Every 10 to 15 years, you should consider remodeling your bathroom so that it continues to meet your expectations. If you want the bath Carolina homeowners cannot stop talking about, start with these seven ideas.

1. Space for Everything

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In order to do what you want with your bathroom, you need to consider the amount of space. After all, the standard 5’ x 7’ or 6’ x 8’ may not give you a lot of room to move. This is why Carolina room additions often include bathrooms. With the right dimensions, you can build a bathroom that is more like a spa.

When you start thinking about a bathroom addition for your Greensboro home, you should get exactly what you want. Who cares if most people have a smaller bathroom? You can build in the bathtub, shower, sink and storage design of your dreams. If you want a place to sit and attend to your self-care routine, you can have it. Love to have a sauna? There is room for that, too.



2. Separate Shower and Bath

Shower and bath_Bathroom ideas Greensboro, NC home_Wood Construction and Remodeling

The combination of shower and bathtub was designed for convenience. It is a relic of an age when homeowners did not have a lot of space for bathrooms. If your square footage can accommodate it, you would be well-served to consider separating them. The tub-shower combo saves money, but it gives you so few choices on size, design and function.

Instead, imagine a deep soaking or jetted bathtub, large enough for two if you like. The sides are high, so you can relax up to your neck in hot water and bubbles. Next to you, an up-to-the-minute glass walk-in shower. Natural stone tiling on the walls turns the space into a retreat. A curbless design makes it easier to get in and out. This is an ideal consideration for the master bath or guest bathrooms.


3. Bold Colors and Patterns

Colorful blue bathroom_Bathroom ideas Greensboro, NC home_Wood Construction and Remodeling

The bathroom really should be a haven from the cares of life. What that actually means depends on the person. Some people need muted tones and clean lines. Bathroom design ideas often follow that trend because it appeals to a variety of homeowners. On the other hand, the bathroom is also your place to be your true self. If your style is loud or full of conflict, you can easily decorate a bathroom to meet the challenge. Contrasting tile patterns on the walls or flooring fit perfectly in an eclectic or Midcentury Modern design. Bold paint colors call attention to the walls or ceiling. They are also easy to change, when you are ready for something new.


4. Maximum Lighting Options

Bright lighting_Bathroom ideas Greensboro, NC home_Wood Construction and Remodeling

The thing that makes the bathroom space unique is that your lighting needs vary significantly. When you pad to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you do not want to trip or bump into something. In the middle of the day, you may want to maximize natural lighting so you can enjoy it. Nighttime might call for special lighting to help you complete your hygiene routine. All of these needs demand different types of lighting.

With a varied approach, you can have lighting options that provide just enough visibility at night without making it difficult to see what you are doing during the day. Larger windows with built-in shades give you privacy without as much upkeep. Lights under cabinets are easy to turn on and off and keep the bulb out of your eyes at night. Spotlighting gives you increased clarity in just the right place.


5. Hints of the Outdoors

Nature_Bathroom ideas Greensboro, NC home_Wood Construction and Remodeling

If you love a bathroom that has a natural look, it is only logical to try to bring in a bit of nature. The good news is that indoor horticulture has evolved significantly from the potted plant in your grandmother’s house that was always falling over. With built-in shelving, you have space for small pots or aromatic herbs. Choices like lavender are known to relax you and relieve stress. If you prefer something on a larger scale, consider building a living wall. This design features pockets for a wide variety of flowers, ferns and more. You can even build it into a wall of your shower, to create the perfect secret garden effect just for you.


6. Smooth, Easy-to-Clean Countertops

Smooth counters_Bathroom ideas Greensboro, NC home_Wood Construction and Remodeling

One of the easiest ways to tell you have a new bathroom remodel in Greensboro, NC is the countertop. The trends move very quickly, which means that what you had 20 or even 10 years ago might look quite outdated compared to the latest and greatest. Right now, bold contrasts are in. If you are getting tired of seeing so much white, try black. A custom countertop gives you the opportunity to create a surface you will love to look at for years. Imagine the glistening reflection of light off a quartz countertop. Run your fingers along the veins of a solid marble countertop.

If you are trying to stick to a smaller budget or you are doing Carolina home remodeling for a rental property, consider laminate countertops that look like quartz. Laminate comes in almost any design imaginable. This means you can get a durable, low-maintenance surface that strongly resembles your favorite natural stone countertop materials, like quartz or marble.


7. Natural Wood Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets_Bathroom ideas Greensboro, NC home_Wood Construction and Remodeling

One thing that homeowners often miss in a bathroom design is adequate storage. And yet, the right storage is so important. This provides the necessary space for towels and washcloths, as well as shampoo, skin care and more. There are a variety of possible storage options, which includes cabinetry. Natural wood cabinets are a great way to add storage that keeps all the bottles out of sight, but easy to reach. The latest styles coordinate with almost any design scheme, from subtle and understated to bold and bright.

Building the bathroom design that checks every box on your list calls for experts like Wood Construction and Remodeling. For the beautiful bathroom styles and custom cabinets Greensboro NC residents trust, make an appointment today.



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