8 Bathroom Ideas for your Asheville, NC Home

Bathroom ideas for your Asheville, NC HomeOf all the rooms of the home to remodel, bathrooms tend to be the most enjoyable. With so many materials and fixtures to choose from, you can fully change the character of your bathroom with just a few minor alterations. Planning a bathroom remodel gets easier when you know which options are available to you. If you're planning an upcoming renovation sometime in the next several months, check out these bathroom design trends in Asheville. Knowing what your neighbors are doing to make their bathrooms beautiful can help you design a bathroom that will stand out from the rest.   

1. Unique Tile Patterns

1 Asheville Bathroom Tile Patters Wood Construction and Remodeling

For years, tiles were limited in shape and size, with square tiles being the most common. Today, tile patterns have become more eccentric and interesting to behold. Look for tiles that come in unusual shapes, bold colors, and varying patterns. Don't feel limited to one kind of tile. Mixing and matching tile patterns, when done right, can make your bathroom a wonderful space to behold. Not sure what we mean? Take a look at these bold bathroom tiles in House Beautiful.  



2. Custom Storage Solutions

  2 Asheville Custom Storage Solutions Wood Construction and RemodelingCustom storage never goes out of style. Work with a contractor to build your own custom storage cabinets to keep clutter off the floor and counters of your bathroom. Alternatively, you can save money by installing semi-custom storage cabinets made by a quality manufacturer. Work with your contractor to find a semi-custom cabinet supplier in your area.


3. Pop of Color

3 Asheville Bathroom Pop of Color Wood Construction and Remodeling

Neutral colors have been popular in bathrooms for years. Gray, white and black were the most preferred colors in Asheville bathrooms for a long time. Only recently have homeowners started adding little pops of color on their mostly neutral palettes.

You can still decorate your bathroom in a monochromatic color scheme, but we suggest adding a bright accent color in one or two places, to add drama and visual interest. Check out these pictures in the Decoist to see what we mean. 


4. Natural Accents

4 Asheville Bathroom  Natural Accents Wood Construction and Remodeling

Natural accents like warm wood and cool stone connects your bathroom to the natural world. Natural accents can also take the form of potted plants and decorations, which help give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere.


5. Open, Curbless Shower

5 Asheville Bathroom Open, Curbless Shower Wood Construction and Remodeling

Curbless showers have been in vogue for a long time now. They're elegant, sophisticated and practical if you're hoping to age in place. We recommend large, open showers with lots of floor space for an easier showering experience. Work with your contractor to install a glass enclosure that prevents water from running over your floor. The glass enclosure also helps ensure that the shower appears to be a continuous part of the room around it, which makes your bathroom feel more open and airy.  


6. Soaking Tub

6 Asheville Bathroom Soaking Tub Wood Construction and Remodeling

Install a soaking tub for long hours of happy relaxing in your bathroom. Soaking tubs come in many sizes, ranging from mini to full-sized, and several options in between. Soaking tubs are the modern equivalent of a claw-foot tub, which are known for being deep and long, and excellent for spending long, relaxing baths. 


7. Heated Floors

7 Asheville Bathroom Heated Floors Wood Construction and Remodeling

There's nothing more luxurious than a heated floor. Step out of your curbless, open shower and into a room with delightfully warm floors. You'll never want to leave! This efficient and safe form of heating has been used in homes for thousands of years - and now it can be used in yours. 

Heated floors can increase the value of your floors and wow guests when they come to stay. It's important to have your heated floors installed by a contractor who is familiar with the materials and who has done this kind of work before.  


8. Unusual Light Fixtures

8 Asheville BathroomLight Fixtures Wood Construction and Remodeling

With the invention of energy efficient light fixtures, lighting has gotten much more creative in the last several years. Installing a combination of interesting and unusual light fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lighting, recessed lighting and standard overhead lighting makes your bathroom attractive and interesting to behold. 

It's important to install a variety of light fixtures for safety reasons as well as aesthetic. Many falls happen in the bathroom because of a combination of poor lighting and slippery surfaces. You can avoid this kind of problem by installing lights in all parts of the bathroom, including over the toilet, behind the vanity, over the shower and in dark corners. 

Want to see what successful bathroom lighting looks like? Check out this article in Elle Decor.




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